14 memories from when every Irish girl was obsessed with her GHDs


Once the straight hair trend hit, your natural hair was never to be seen again.

This happened! We used to do it all the time! @alyssahennefer good to see you girl! #straighthair #ironinghair #girlstuff #beauty #hair

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Or you got a trusted friend to do it for you. Either way, you were taking your life into your hands.

You think teenage girls aren’t tough? Look at our hair straightener war wounds!

I’ve burned the carpet with my straighteners omg pic.twitter.com/Ph86TbSnhb

Figuring out where to leave the still-hot straighteners after you’d finished using them was always a bit of a problem. There were some casualties.

The most unfortunately placed GHD burn ever! #VanpBite #ghdburn

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No spray was a match for your over-zealous straightener use. You know that now.

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