18 Crock Pot Treats Perfect For Cold Weather Nights


This recipe does require you to brown the onions in a pan, but the sweet caramelized flavor is totally worth it. Get the recipe here.

This buttery Chex mix is loaded with all sorts of salty favorites seasoned with (brace yourself) a packet of ranch. Get the recipe here.

These easy-to-make oyster crackers are perfect for chilly fall and winter nights ― just serve them straight from your slow cooker for a warm and comforting snack that practically makes itself! Get the recipe here.

This recipe brings the nostalgic flavor of boiled peanuts in an easy to make slow cooker version― just make sure to use raw peanuts (not roasted) for the best results. Get the recipe here.

A low temperature and long cooking time makes these sticky chicken wings super tender. Get the recipe here.

These sweet and savory party meatballs are perfect for serving over rice or noodles (or simply with toothpicks). Get the recipe here.

Simply throw everything into your slow cooker and give it a stir ― in a few hours, you’ll have an ultra comforting spinach dip perfect for snacking. Get the recipe here.

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