When going on an unplanned business trip or holiday, many people believe that every traveling document is in order. Nevertheless, you might notice that you have a passport that has expired. Consequently, you will be expected to renew an expired passport promptly. The guidelines below show steps that you can follow to obtain a new one within the shortest time possible. If you require your travel document in a hurry, you can request advanced services by mail and present the application at a regional processing center. The method you pick depends on how fast you need to get it renewed.

Expired Passport

First of all, you can either download the application form or go to an embassy office for you to fill it physically. Nevertheless, before filling the form, you are required to give your old passport for if to move much quicker. Note that if the previous passport has any changes or is in bad shape, you might not apply for renewal through the mail because you must present yourself for verification.


If your old passport is damaged or if it is not easy to view its content or see the photo, then you will have to apply for a new one instead of renewing. Furthermore, if you acquired the traveling documents fifteen years ago, it is better to apply for a new one.


When renewing through the mail, you should put the old travel documents and application forms and the old travel in an envelope to ensure that the forms are not destroyed. Besides, the embassy should notify you when they receive it and the duration it will take to receive both the old and new back. Plus, ask which means of payment you will use to pay for the process, through either check or credit card.


You will be required to present two new recent photos, therefore, go to a photographer who will take quality images for them not to be rejected. Photos are the required with white background and remember not to put on sunglasses or spectacles for the photo.

Travel Permit

You can consult a professional and ethical traveling agency service to assist you to renew the traveling permit on your behalf.  Even though, the agencies will speed up the process of acquisition you have to be wary of those that are out to earn fast cash. So carefully select one that will be of great help in your urgency.


For the process to be fast, you have to pay the expected some amount of money as indicated by the embassy office. Make sure your agent is reputable and will process your passport for a fair fee. If renewal is through the mail, then you have to provide for the cost of transportation.

Renewing an expired passport is not that difficult to renew with the points above. But, you should note that if you replace your current one before it expires, the process might be much more comfortable, faster and free from any hassles. Furthermore, the fee that you will be willing to pay will decide how fast you will get the renewed travel documents.