What New Side Dish You Need to Make this Thanksgiving


You have a bit of a sweet tooth and you like to load your Thanksgiving plate with a little bit of everything. Try this indulgent side dish that’s gooey on the bottom and crispy on the top thanks to a crunchy butter pecan crumble topping. Get the recipe.

You can’t resist the cheesiest things on the table. From casseroles to mac and cheese, you’re a total cheese fiend. Try this savory baked cauliflower gratin topped with a crispy layer of panko breadcrumbs. Get the recipe.

You’re a total sucker for fall flavors from pumpkin and honeycrisp apples to cinnamon and thyme. You should try a traditional autumn recipe with a little twist like this baked butternut squash, which gets a flavor boost from maple syrup and cinnamon. Get the recipe.

You prefer savory over sweet, and your Thanksgiving plate is usually piled high with turkey, stuffing, and gravy. But you also love creamy, rich foods. Try this easy creamed corn recipe: It calls for just five ingredients and comes together from start to finish in your Crock Pot. Get the recipe.

Via buzzfeed.com


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