This Adorable Couple Shares 3 Secrets to Successful Relationships (and Why Guys Should Wear Makeup)


Meet “The Other Couple” (aka. Chris and Aaron), a real-life New York-based couple who started a YouTube channel they describe as “a safe space for those you feel like the ‘Others’ in society.” Their past videos have included fun reviews of fabulous makeup products and insightful relationship tips.

Now they’ve teamed up with Hornet to spread their messages of authentic living all around the globe. Their collaborative multi-part video series will tackle issues on beauty, fashion, dating, sex and politics, but in a way that gets us to rethink how social standards affect us all.

In their first collaborative video, The Other Couple talks about the three things any relationship needs to be successful. It’s really great seeing them play so affectionately off one another.

We wanted to know them even better, so we asked them a few questions about their lives together, why more men should consider wearing makeup and how gay black men like them are helping change perceptions about black masculinity.

Where are you guys from, what do you do for your day jobs?

Chris was raised in New York City where he was born and raised. He works as a full-time makeup artist. Aaron is from Brooklyn, New York. He’s a law student and works as a full-time supervisor for Starbucks Reserve.



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