Too Faced Asked by National Advertising Division to Change Mascara Claims


Makeup brands imply slightly egregious claims all the time (see Fenty Beauty, which no matter how many times you use it, will not actually turn you into Rihanna). But Too Faced just crossed a line with a major regulatory agency for some of its claims about the brand’s iconic Better Than Sex mascara.

The National Advertising Division (which is part of the Better Business Bureau, a consumer regulatory agency that keeps businesses on the up and up with consumers) is calling out Too Faced’s claim that the brand’s bold claim that Better Than Sex adds “1,944 percent more volume” to lashes, according to a report by Women’s Wear Daily..

The agency, convinced that there’s not reliable evidence to support that famous stat, is pushing Too Faced to cut the claim — and the use of the amazing before and after photos — from its packaging.

Too Faced, however, reportedly isn’t taking this lying down — it’s standing by its better-than-the-bedroom bravado. “Too Faced strongly stands behind its claims and has appealed the NAD’s decision in this case,” the brand said in a statement provided to WWD and us. “The tests used to establish these claims were conducted using sound methodology at a highly regarded independent laboratory and the results support not only the 1,944 percent claim but also the before and after photographs at issue.”

Whether the exact stats are correct might just be a matter of splitting hairs. Either way, this mascara is still bomb.



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